Plan, Delos, L-shaped Stoa of the Agora of the Delians

Context: Delos
Type: Stoa
Summary: Stoa creating north and east sides of a court; south of the Sanctuary of Apollo.
Date: ca. 187 BC - ca. 173 BC

East wing: 42.32 x 11.69 m; north wing: 51.10 x 11.44 m; depth of both wings: ca. 5.5 m.

Region: Cyclades
Period: Hellenistic


Two-storied, L-shaped stoa opening south and west, with rooms behind the two-aisled colonnades. Pilasters on 2nd story instead of columns.


Also referred to as the Rectangular Agora. The L- Shaped Stoa, the Oblique Stoa and the South Stoa created the sides of a court known as the Agora of the Delians.

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