Overall view of building, Delos, Oikos of the Naxians

Plan, Delos, Oikos of the Naxians

Axial colonnade, Delos, Oikos of the Naxians

Context: Delos
Type: Hall
Summary: Rectangular hall with porches; on the southern side of the Sanctuary of Apollo.
Date: ca. 575 BC - 560 BC

19.38 m x ca. 10 m; Ionic column diameter: 0.43 m; intercolumniation: ca. 2.12 m.

Region: Cyclades
Period: Archaic


Two-aisled hall with central colonnade of 8 columns, opening onto a porch distyle in antis at the west end and onto a porch of 4 prostyle Ionic columns at the east end.


Used as a club house or guildhall. Dedicated by the Naxians to Apollo. This building replaced an earlier three-aisled hall of the 7th century B.C, which had an entrance on the north. Coulton and Dinsmoor claim an Ionic inner colonnade, Zaphiropoulou believes it was Doric. The prostyle porch on the east was a later addition.

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