Central colonnade of building, Delos, Prytaneion

Plan, Delos, Prytaneion

Re-erected herm in central colonnade, Delos, Prytaneion

Context: Delos
Type: Prytaneion
Summary: Nearly rectangular building with internal divisions; toward the south side of the Sanctuary of Apollo, south of the Bouleuterion, west of the Neorium.
Date: ca. 500 BC - ca. 350 BC
Region: Cyclades
Period: Classical


On the south a prodomos with 4 Doric columns and marble benches lining the walls, led into a marble-paved court. North of this court were 2 large rooms, each with a prodomos. West of the entrance of the northern room, were two smaller rooms.


The large northeastern room may have been a rest house. By 166 B.C. the 2 small center rooms were dedicated to the cult of the Demos of Athens and Rome. The Prytaneis probably met in the northwesterly chamber where there are remains of an altar of Hestia. Small niches in the north wall may have held archives.

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