Foundations of earlier oikos inside and below cella of later temple, Delos...

Plan, Delos, Temple of Hera

Overall view of temple from front, Delos, Temple of Hera

Overall view from below retaining wall, Delos, Temple of Hera

Context: Delos
Type: Temple
Summary: Temple; east of the Theater, east of Serapeion C.
Date: ca. 500 BC
Region: Cyclades
Period: Archaic


A cella with a distyle in antis pronaos with slender Doric columns and benches on pronaos walls. Marble altar just south of the temple, outside the peribolos wall.


Beneath the remains of this Archaic temple are those of an early 7th century B.C. temple. The walls of the earlier temple were of mudbrick and outer columns were of wood on marble footings.

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