Later Kastalian Fountainhouse, Delphi

Plan, Delphi, Later Kastalian Fountainhouse

Context: Delphi
Type: Fountainhouse
Summary: Spring fronted by a facade; almost directly north of the Gymnasium.
Date: ca. 300 BC

Reservoir: 9.6 m x 0.9 m; rectangular court: 9.6 m x 3.2 m.

Region: Phocis
Period: Hellenistic


A narrow reservoir collected the water. A decorative facade of 7 marble pilasters had 7 jets which spouted the water through from the reservoir and into a rectangular court. Access to the court was provided by steps cut into the rock.


An earlier Archaic fountain was located approximately 50 m to the southwest. Pilgrims to the sanctuary ritually purify themselves at the fountains.

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