Detail of polygonal wall masonry, Delphi, Polygonal Wall

View of the terrace wall from SW and below, Delphi, Polygonal Wall

Overview of wall from SW, Delphi, Polygonal Wall

Retaining wall of temple platform from SW, Delphi, Polygonal Wall

Context: Delphi
Type: Retaining Wall
Summary: Retaining wall; supported the southern side of Apollo Temple platform; eastern end forms the rear wall of Stoa of the Athenians.
Date: ca. 600 BC

Height: varies 2 to 4 m; Length: east-west ca. 87 m.

Region: Phocis
Period: Archaic


Running in a straight line, roughly east-west.


Between the 2nd century B.C. and the 1st century A.D. over 800 inscriptions of various kinds were carved on the dressed face of the wall.

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