Detail of dovetail clamp cuttings for joining of two blocks, Delphi, Treas...

Interior of foundations, looking SE, Delphi, Treasury of the Siphnians

Poorly preserved block carved with large-scale bead-and-reel, Delphi, Trea...

View looking SE from above treasury on Sacred Way, Delphi, Treasury of the...

W foundation wall, looking E, Delphi, Treasury of the Siphnians

W foundation wall, looking E from above, Delphi, Treasury of the Siphnians

Context: Delphi
Type: Treasury
Summary: Temple-like building; the 2nd treasury from the entrance to the Sanctuary of Apollo, on the south side of the Sacred Way, west of the Treasury of the Sikyonians (III).
Date: ca. 530 BC - 525 BC

Stylobate: 6.13 m x 8.55 m.

Region: Phocis
Period: Archaic


Ionic building with cella opening west onto a pronaos distyle in antis. Caryatids between the antae. A small courtyard on the western side.

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