Seats of honor on N side, Delphi, Stadium

Delphi, Stadium: The wine prohibition inscription in stadium wall

North side from E, Delphi, Stadium

Seating along N side, Delphi Stadium

The wine prohibition inscription in stadium wall, Delphi

Wall of S embankment from SE, Delphi, Stadium

Context: Delphi
Type: Stadium
Summary: U-shaped stadium; on the slope of the hill, northwest above the Sanctuary of Apollo.
Date: ca. 500 BC - 400 BC

ca. 187 m; track: 178 m.

Region: Phocis
Period: Archaic/Classical


Seats in 12 tiers divided by 13 staircases on the north, long side, and 6 tiers divided by 3 staircases on the south side. Starting and finishing lines at each end.


Positioned on a slope at the highest point of the ancient city, 7000 spectators could be accommodated. The north side is carved out of rock and the south supported by masonry of the 5th century B.C. The remains of a Roman triumphal arch are visible at the eastern end.

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