Obverse: Head of Leukippos, profile to the right, wearing Corinthian helme...

Reverse: Two ears of barley

Collection: Arthur S. Dewing Collection
Context: Metapontum
Material: Gold
Denomination: Tetrobol
Actual Weight: 2.84
Die Axis: 270 degrees
Date: ca. 334 BC - ca. 330 BC
Region: Lucania
Period: Hellenistic

Obverse Type: Two ears of barley

Collection History:

Acq. Spink, 1940.

Commentary: C.M. Kraay, Archaic and Classical Greek Coins (1976), p.195, notes that this gold issue, with a weight higher than that of (377), "is a tetrobol of the Attic standard, as employed for gold at Taras," and suggests that the double barley ear may indicate the denomination.