Obverse: Two dolphins, the upper one profile to the left, the lower one pr...

Reverse: Incuse square divided by striped band

Collection: Arthur S. Dewing Collection
Context: Karpathos City
Material: Silver
Denomination: Stater
Actual Weight: 13.9
Die Axis: -
Date: ca. 500 BC - ca. 480 BC
Region: Dodecanese
Period: Archaic

Obverse Type: Incuse square divided by striped band

Commentary: The traditional attribution of the following coin to Poseidium on Karpathos has been thrown into considerable doubt by H.A. Cahn, "Poseidion on Karpathos?," NC 1957, pp. 11-12. Cahn has no alternative location to suggest for the mint, but says it must be on the coast, or on the islands, between Rhodes and Samos.