Plan, Epidauros, Temple of Asklepios

Context: Epidauros
Type: Temple
Summary: Peripteral temple; northeast of the Tholos, in the Sanctuary of Asklepios.
Date: ca. 380 BC - ca. 375 BC

Stylobate: 11.76 m x 23.06 m; axial spacing of external columns: 2.27 m (ca. 1.99 m at the corners); external column diameter: ca. 0.93 m; external column height: ca. 05.2 m.

Region: Argolid
Period: Late Classical


Small Doric peripteral temple, 6 x 11 columns, with a cella opening east onto a pronaos, distyle in antis. Inside the cella was a colonnade of unknown order with 4 columns at the rear and 7 along the sides. A ramp on the east led into the pronaos. A paved area led east from the ramp to the Altar of Asklepios. The altar south of this building is an Altar of Apollo.


Alternative reconstructions of this building show no interior colonnade. It was dedicated to Asklepios and designed by the architect Theodotos. The temple displaced an earlier Temple of Asklepios farther southeast in the sanctuary.

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