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Plan, Epidauros, Temple of Aphrodite (Temple L)

Context: Epidauros
Type: Temple
Summary: Small prostyle temple; east of the central Sanctuary of Asklepios, west of the Sanctuary of Apollo Maleatas.
Date: ca. 320 BC - ca. 280 BC
Region: Argolid
Period: Hellenistic


Ionic prostyle temple with pseudo-peripteral cella, 4 x 7 columns. All but 6 outer columns were attached to the cella walls. A ramp on the east led over 4 steps to a tetrastyle prostyle porch of 6 columns and the cella. The interior of the cella was lined with Corinthian columns which nearly touched the walls.


An excavated statue of Aphrodite with a sword (attributed to Polykleitos the Younger, 2nd century B.C.) may have stood near this temple.

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