View of Treasury in the Heraion from S, looking N, Foce del Sele

Context: Foce del Sele
Type: Treasury
Summary: Treasury building attributed to the Sybarites.
Date: 570 BC - 550 BC
Period: Archaic


The remains of the naos are the end wall to the west and the long walls to a maximum height of four courses. There is no trace of a pronaos or a wall between pronaos and naos. Reconstruction remains largely hypothetical.

Date Description:

On the basis of material discovered within the foundation of the building, and from a stylistic examination of the reliefs, the metopes are dated to ca. 570 B.C.


The erection of the treasury has been attributed to the Sybarites, and its incompleteness to the destruction of their city.

Other Notes:

Of thirty-eight metopes belonging to the treasury, three are illegible.

Sources Used:

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Other Bibliography:

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