Floral decoration under handle


Side A: youth in center


Tondo: strigil

Interior: view from above

Collection: Cambridge, Harvard University Art Museums
Summary: Sides A and B: three draped youths. Int: athlete with strigil.
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to a follower of Douris
Date: ca. 460 BC - ca. 450 BC

H. 0.09 m.; D. rim 0.0236 m.; D. foot 0.8.7 m.

Primary Citation: ARV2, 803, 48.
Shape: Kylix
Beazley Number: 209929
Period: Early Classical


Drill holes and remains of bronze rivets indicate ancient repairs, with handle B/A and a large adjacent fragment re-attached. The re-attached handle is smaller than handle A/B and may not belong. Other repairs indicate modern breakage. Glaze well-fired and glossy. A circular indention around the exterior was probably caused by setting the cup within the mouth of a larger vessel while drying.

Decoration Description:

Side A: Three draped youths. The leftmost youth stands frontally with his head turned to the right to converse with the youth in the center, who stands in profile to the left, his right hand extended. The youth at left rests his concealed right hand on his hip and extends his left arm to hold his staff vertically. At far right, a third youth stands frontally, his head turned to the left; with his right hand he holds out a lyre, as though offering it to the youth at center. Side B: Three draped youths. The two at left stand frontally but turn to face each other in conversation; each rests his concealed left hand on his hip; the left one holds a staff vertically in his right hand while the other gestures toward him with his right hand. The third youth, at far right, stands in profile to the left, leaning on his staff and resting his right hand on his hip. In the upper field to left and right of the central youth hang two pairs of sandals and, at right, a sponge. Tondo: A nude athlete stands frontally, his head turned to the left. His himation hangs from his left arm and in his right hand is a strigil. A pair of sandals hang at upper right, and on the ground at left is a stool (diphros, partly out of the frame.

Black band around underside of foot; reserved band around rim. Under handles: addorsed palmettes with scrolling tendrils, the latter extending up to frame the figure scenes and terminating in ivy leaves.

Shape Description:

Type B kylix.

Collection History:

Gift of C. F. Murray.

Sources Used:

CVA, Fogg-Gallatin.

Other Bibliography:

CVA, Fogg-Gallatin, USA 8, 32-33, pl. 14.