Main panel: warrior on left, lower half

Main panel: warrior on left

Main panel: shield of warrior on right

Main panel: warrior on right, upper half

Overview: handle rear

Overview: handle left

Collection: Cambridge, Harvard University Art Museums
Summary: Warriors fighting.
Ware: Attic Black Figure, White Ground
Painter: Near the Athena Painter
Date: ca. 490 BC - ca. 480 BC

H. 0.248 m,; D. 0.14 m.

Primary Citation: ABV, 529, 52.
Shape: Oinochoe
Beazley Number: 330841
Period: Late Archaic


Intact; minor abrasion of the white slip.

Decoration Description:

The figures are in a white-ground panel, the rest of the vase being black. A warrior advances to the right, plunging his spear into a second warrior, who falls to the right but looks back at his attacker. Both warriors carry a sword on their hip and wear a Corinthian helmet with a red wreath around it, a chitoniskos, greaves, and a cuirass. The victor also wears a red baldric and a short cloak decorated with red dots, which also appear on his chitoniskos. Both carry round shields with devices in added red: a tripod on the victor's, three rings on the loser's. The vines in the background are merely filling-ornament with no Dionysiac significance.

The panel is framed above by a band of tongues, and on either side by bands of pomegranate-net pattern framed with double stripes. On the collar of the neck, a band of pomegranate-net pattern with two stripes above and one below. Added red on the edge of the lip and the projections of the handle. Red stripes around the neck and around the stem and edge of the foot. A pair of red stripes circles the lower body below the panel.

Shape Description:

Shape 1 oinochoe of Haspels' Class A, with trefoil mouth, rounded handle, no collar, decorated neck, and torus foot with base-fillet. See ABV, 524 and 526; and Haspels 1936, 160 and 259-61.

Collection History:

Gift of Mr. E. P. Warren.

Sources Used:

CVA, Hoppin-Gallatin.

Other Bibliography:

CVA, Fogg-Gallatin, USA 8, 39, pl. 21, 8.