Spout at right

Spout at rear left

Spout at left

Spout at front

Spout at front right

Spout at front left

Collection: Cambridge, Harvard University Art Museums
Summary: Stripes and chevrons.
Ware: Mycenaean
Date: ca. 1300 BC - ca. 1230 BC

H. 0.107 m.; D. 0.105 m.

Shape: Stirrup jar
Ceramic Phase: Late Helladic IIIB
Period: Late Bronze Age


Unbroken; surface worn and scratched.

Decoration Description:

Reddish brown to black paint. There are three concentric circles on top of the false neck; around these is a broader band that extends down the outside of both handles. There are broad bands around the bases of both the spout and false spout, around the upper spout and the inside of the mouth, and around the lower body and foot. Two pairs of broad bands circle the shoulder and the body (just below the widest diameter), the upper pair framing four narrower stripes, the lower pair three stripes. Three more stripes circle the body between the upper and lower pairs of bands. On the shoulder are five groups of parallel chevrons (FM: 58.22).

Shape Description:

Globular body, somewhat depressed but closer to spherical than lentoid. Ring foot.

Material Description:

Buff clay.

Collection History:

Gift of Miss B. J. Kahnweiler.

Sources Used:

CVA, Fogg-Gallatin.

Other Bibliography:

CVA, Fogg-Gallatin, USA 8, 17, pl. 2, 12.