Collection: Cambridge, Harvard University Art Museums
Summary: Side A: Profile of womanSide B: Draped youth
Ware: Campanian Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the CA Painter
Context: Said to be from Taras
Date: ca. 350 BC - ca. 340 BC

H. 0.245 m.; Diam. 0.20 m.

Primary Citation: Trendall 1967, 472, no. 197, pl. 183, 1-2.
Shape: Bell krater
Region: Apulia
Period: Late Classical


Unbroken; considerable chipping and pitting of the rim and interior. Lusterless glaze with a rough, granulated surface.

Decoration Description:

Side A: A woman's head in profile to the left. She wears earrings, a necklace, a radiate crown, and a sakkos drawn tight by a string, from which a bunch of hair emerges at the back. The sakkos is decorated with rows of dots and stripes, the latter, like the jewelry and crown, tinted yellow by coating added white with a wash of dilute glaze.

Side B: A youth stands in profile to the left. He wears a yellow apicate fillet, yellow sandals, and a himation, the latter covering both arms and drawn tight in front by the right arm. In the field before him is a rosette; behind him is a narrow "window." Both filling ornaments are touched with yellow, which is also used for the plants or branches on either side of the youth, and for the necklace or fillet which hangs from the window.

Below each handle is a large palmette; the groundline is a single reserved stripe, circling the vase. The upright florals framing the figures consist of coiling tendrils and half-palmettes, which on side B are partially outlined with yellow. Below the mouth on either side is a laurel wreath, which is interrupted over the handles by a continuation of the reserved spaces between the handles, extending almost to the edge of the rim. The foot and stem are all black.

Shape Description:

Bell-krater: body tapers to a tall stem; tall, concave foot; handles set high on body; rim not offset, but continuous with body.

Collection History:

Bequest of David M. Robinson.

Sources Used:

CVA, Robinson 3; Trendall 1967,.

Other Bibliography:

Robinson exhibition catalogue 1961, no. 147; CVA, Robinson 3, 33, pl. 24, 2.