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Julien Monument: view toward the northeast, Julien Monument, St. Remy.

Context: St. Remy
Type: Mausoleum
Summary: Monumental cenotaph, perhaps to the grandsons of Augustus
Date: ca. 30 AD
Dimensions: H. 60 m
Period: Augustan

Plan: The monument is comprised of three superimposed structures: a square podium decorated with reliefs; a quadrifrons arch with engaged Corinthian columns at the corners, and a Corinthian tholos with a conical roof.

History: Henri Rolland's excavations determined that the monument served as a cenotaph rather than a tomb as previously believed.

Other Notes: Low relief sculptures illustrate battle and hunting scenes on the four faces of the podium. Naval scenes decorate the frieze above the quadrifrons arch. A sculpted pinecone would have served as a finial on top of the roof. Two freestanding figures are enclosed within the Corinthian rotunda on the third level.

Sources Used: Provence Michelin 1998, 233