Archaic antefixes, elevations of front, side and tile-ends of side (late s...

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Heroon, Kalydon.

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Building F, Kalydon.

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Temple of Artemis Laphria (C. 380 B.C.E.), Kalydon.

Elevation of antefixes from ridge tiles (early 6th c.), Kalydon

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Building A, Kalydon.

Summary: Setting of the Kalydonian boar hunt.
Type: Fortified city and sanctuary
Region: Aetolia






N of the entrance to the Gulf of Corinth, Kalydon was a minor city enclosed by a 4 km long circuit wall (3rd century B.C. date) and a strongly fortified acropolis. A sacred road ran ca. 400 m from the West City Gate to the Sanctuary of Artemis Laphria. The sanctuary had originally 2 Archaic temples dedicated to Artemis and Apollo. During the Classical and Hellenistic period the sanctuary developed to include a number of stoas, treasuries and other structures.


Kalydon was recorded by Homer as the home of Oeneus and the setting of the Caledonian boar hunt. The historical city is little known and apparently unimportant, but the growth of the Sanctuary of Artemis, the construction of the city's walls in the 3rd century B.C., and the size of some of the Hellenistic tombs indicate some prosperity. The city declined in the Roman period, and in 30 B.C. Augustus transferred the inhabitants to the new city of Nikopolis.


Early description of the remains by Leake (1835) and Woodhouse (1897). Excavations on the acropolis and at the sanctuary of Artemis Laphria in 1908 by G. Sotiriadis. In 1926, 1928, and 1932 joint Greek-Danish excavations carried out under F. Poulsen and K. Romaios.

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