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Side B: horses

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Three-dimensional approximation of the vase

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Side A: woman, man and ship with oarsmen

Collection: London, British Museum
Summary: Woman, man and ship with oarsmen
Ware: Geometric
Painter: Attributed to the Sub-Dipylon Group
Context: Said to be from Thebes
Date: ca. 730 BC - ca. 720 BC

H. 0.309 m.

Shape: Krater
Ceramic Phase: Late Geometric IIa
Region: Boeotia
Period: Geometric

Decoration Description:

There is a figured scene on the shoulder zone between the handles. Side A: At left, a standing woman is pictured, with shoulder-length hair, a long skirt rendered in outline filled with crosshatching; she is holding a probable wreath. The woman is grasped at her left wrist by a man looking back at her while proceeding right toward the rear of a boat with two tiers of oarsmen. At the front of the boat is a long prow. A bird at far right is used as a filling ornament. There are dots at the rim. The lower body has a row of 'S's and horizontal banding. The base is solidly painted.

Side A has been interpreted as a mythological scene: Theseus and Ariadne, Paris and Helen, or Odysseus and Penelope are possibilities. This krater is the first representation of two rows of oarsmen on a ship. The woman is a prototype of later Geometric mourners and dancers. Row of 'S's and horizontal banding suggest the influence of Corinthian vase-painting.

Shape Description:

Spouted krater with two horizontal loop handles.

Other Bibliography:

Coldstream 1968, pp. 55-56.