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Side B: two athletes and man with palm branch

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Three-dimensional approximation of the vase

Collection: London, British Museum
Summary: Side A: Athena standing between 2 Doric columnsSide B: 2 athletes, a bearded man holding palm branch.
Ware: Attic Black Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Kuban Group
Context: From Teucheira
Date: exact 403 BC

H. 0.725 m.

Primary Citation: ABV, 411, 4; Beazley Addenda 2, 107, 411.4
Shape: Panathenaic amphora
Beazley Number: 303122
Period: High Classical

Decoration Description:

Side A: Athena stands, facing left. On her left arm is a shield, bearing the shield-device of Harmodios and Aristogeiton. Her right arm is raised, and she holds a spear in her right hand. Her himation is heavily embroidered, and she wears a high crested helmet. On either side of her is a Doric column, surmounted by a cock. Running down the side of the column on the left is the inscription *T*W*N *A*Q*H*N*H*Q*E*N *A*Q*L*W*N ("One of the prizes from Athens").

Side B: On the left, a nude athlete stands in profile, facing right. He reaches up with his right hand to touch the shoulder of the figure in front of him. This man, also an athlete, stands frontally, but his head is turned to the right. He holds 2 spears in his left hand. To the right of him stands a bearded man in profile, facing left. He holds a staff in his right hand, and wears an himation and a wreath (?) in his hair. His left arm is bent slightly and tucked under his clothing.

Moore dates this to ca. 403, because of the use of the Ionic alphabet which was officially adopted that year, and also the appearance of Harmodios and Aristogeiton as a shield device. As tyrant slayers, they represented the restoration of democracy (Moore, 17).


Side A: running down shaft of left column, *T*W*N *A*Q*H*N*H*Q*E*N *A*Q*L*W*N ("One of the prizes from Athens").

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