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Tondo: komasts

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Three-dimensional approximation of the vase

Collection: London, British Museum
Summary: Two komasts
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Signed by Epiktetos
Context: Possibly from Vulci
Date: ca. 520 BC - ca. 490 BC

H 1/2 inch D 7 3/8 inches

Primary Citation: ARV2, 78, 95
Shape: Plate
Beazley Number: 200623
Region: Etruria
Period: Archaic

Decoration Description:

Two komasts, wreathed, walk to the left, side by side. At center one takes short steps with knees slightly bent. Facing left, he plays the double flute. He is nude and carries a sybene (flute-case) on his left shoulder. In it are two spare flutes. Attached to it by a thinner cord in a glottokomeion (reed case). Behind him is a bearded man who stoops forward to lift with both hands a large kotyle which has been sitting on the ground. He wears a mantle thrown over his shoulders and high boots. Arranged in an arc around the figures is the inscription *E*P*I*K*T*E*T*O*S *E*G*R*A*S*F*E*N (sic), "Epikitetos made (me)."


In an arc around the figures runs the inscription *E*P*I*K*T*E*T*O*S *E*G*R*A*S*F*E*N (sic), "Epiktetos made (me)".

Collection History:

ex Blacas Collection. Canino Collection no. 175. Smith 1896, 136: from Nola (?)

Sources Used:

Smith 1896, 136, pl. 6; Boardman 1975, fig. 78

Other Bibliography:

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