Side A, detail (upper left): a bearded man seated on a bough, picking grap...

Figural scene on side B: a maenad dancing between two satyrs

View of side A

View of side A, from the right

View of the left side

Side B, detail (left): a satyr playing the double flute

Collection: Paris, Musée du Louvre
Summary: Side A: Grape harvestSide B: A maenad between satyrs
Ware: Attic Black Figure
Context: From Rhodes
Date: ca. 560 BC - ca. 540 BC
Dimensions: H. 0.42 m; Diam. (mouth) 0.145 m
Shape: Amphora
Beazley Number: 11100
Period: High Archaic

Decoration Description:

Side A: A bearded man picks grapes beneath a tree on a bough of which sits another bearded man, picking grapes. Two boys help picking grapes, while a man picks up a basket (of grapes) on the right of the scene.

Side B: a maenad dances between two dancing satyrs, while the satyr on the left plays the double flute.

Shape Description: Type B amphora

Collection History: Acquired in 1902.

Sources Used: CVA, Louvre 4, III.He, pls. 29.3, 6, 30.3-4

Other Bibliography: Revue des Etudes Anciennes 90 (1988) 1-2, 17, fig. 3; Schöne 1987, pl. 18.2; von Bothmer 1985, 117, fig. 72; Images 1984, 130, fig. 182; Dover 1978, B470