Statuette of a cook, frontal view

Statuette of a cook, oblique side view, from the left

Statuette of a cook, oblique top view from the front

Collection: Paris, Musée du Louvre
Title: Statuette of a cook
Context: From Thespiai
Findspot: Said to be found at Thespiai
Summary: A cook sitting in front of a grill (low trough)
Material: Terracotta
Sculpture Type: Free-standing statue
Category: Single monument
Style: Late Archaic
Technique: In-the-round
Original or Copy: Original
Date: ca. 525 BC - ca. 500 BC
Dimensions: H. 0.095 m; L. 0.12 m
Scale: Miniature
Region: Boeotia
Period: Late Archaic

Subject Description: A man wearing a long chiton sits on a low stool, leaning towards a grill (a long trough with indentations to hold a spit at each short end). A small loaf of bread rests on the edge of the grill, to the left of the man, and two cooking pots rest on the ground to his right. The entire assemblage sits on a rectangular base.

Condition: Intact

Condition Description: Most of the white slip has flaked off, and reddish-brown (rust) stains mar the lower surface of the statuette.

Material Description: Light reddish-brown terracotta

Technique Description: All but the mold-made head are modeled by hand.

Collection History: Acquired by the Louvre in 1892.

Sources Used: Mollard-Besques 1954, 21, cat. B 119 (with previous bibliography), pl. 16