Top view, including handles: an athlete with halteres is illustrated in th...

View of side B, from below: a komos

Detail of side B, left: a youth running to the left, with his head profile...

Detail of side A, center: the upper body of Herakles, crouched profile to ...

Detail of side A, right: Prokrustes, nude, with long hair and a long beard...

Detail of side A, center: a nude, youthful Herakles, crouched profile to t...

Collection: Paris, Musée du Louvre
Summary: Tondo: An athlete with halteresSide A: Theseus and the Minotaur; Herakles and the Nemean lion; Theseus and ProkrustesSide B: A komos
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Euergides Painter
Attributed By: J.D. Beazley
Date: ca. 510 BC - ca. 500 BC
Dimensions: Diam. (lip) 0.315 m; W. (max.) 0.399 m
Primary Citation: ARV2, 87-106; Beazley Addenda 2, 170
Shape: Cup
Period: Late Archaic

Shape Description: Type B


Herakles is labelled on side A (in red dipinti): *H*E*R*A*K*L[*H*S].

A partial inscription remains on side B: [*H*O*P]*A*I[*S*K*A]*L*O*S, "the boy is beautiful."

Sources Used: CVA, Louvre 19, III.Ib, pls. 72.1-3, 73.1-2