Side A, detail (lower left): A woman (Harmonia?)

Side B, detail (center): a draped woman between a youth and a satyr (?)

Profile, from the right

Profile, from the left

Side A, detail: the snake ("dragon") emerging from the spring

Side B, detail (upper left): vegetal decoration

Collection: Paris, Musée du Louvre
Summary: Side A (above): Busts of Hermes, a woman, Pan, and a young satyrSide A (below): Kadmos and the dragonSide B: A woman between a youth and a Pan-satyr
Ware: Paestan Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to Python
Attributed By: A.D. Trendall
Context: From S. Agata dei Goti
Date: ca. 360 BC - ca. 340 BC
Dimensions: H. 0.57 m; Diam. (max.) 0.51 m
Primary Citation: Trendall 1987, 2.143, no. 241, pl. 90
Shape: Calyx krater
Period: Late Classical

Decoration Description:

Side A: Kadmos, nude except his pilos (helmet) and chlamys (cape), lunges 3/4-view to the right at a coiled snake (dragon), who rises from a spring (amid rocks). Kadmos holds an amphora (which he hopes to fill with water) in his lowered left hand, and a rock in his raised right arm, with which he threatens the snake. Behind him stands a woman, probably Harmonia, wearing a himation draped around her hips, over a sleevless chiton, holding a phiale in her right hand, at waist level. Opposite her, behind the snake, stands a similarly dressed woman, probably Ismene (the personification of the spring), who holds her drapery over her right shoulder with her right hand, and holds a sprig in her lowered left hand. Above them are busts of Hermes, holding a caduceus, and wearing a wreath, petasos (floppy hat), and chlamys; a woman looking at a mirror, Pan, and a young satyr holding a thyrsos and a wreath.

Side B: A youth, wearing a himation around his waist and lower body, and a wreath, stands 3/4-view to the right, and rests his weight on his left leg, and a staff under his left hand. A woman, wrapped in a himation, draped across her torso diagonally, and a kekryphylon, stands in a similar posture. She holds her right hand across her chest and holds an egg, in her left hand, at waist level, which she offers to a nude, beardless satyr (?) opposite her. This satyr stands profile to the left, with his weight on his right leg. He wears a wreath and some garlands around his body. He holds a fillet in his lowered left hand, and raises his right hand toward the woman.