Foot profile and inscription

Side A: oblique from left

Side B: scene at center

Side B: listener on right, upper half

Side A: oblique from right

Side B: kithara player, upper half

Collection: Paris, Musée du Louvre
Summary: Side A: Fight, with Athena and Hermes watchingSide B: Citharode
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Andokides Painter
Potter: Signed by Andokides
Context: Vulci
Date: ca. 525 BC - 520 BC
Dimensions: H. 0.57 m
Primary Citation: ARV2, 3.2; Para, 320; Beazley Addenda 2, 149
Shape: Amphora
Beazley Number: 200002
Region: Etruria
Period: Archaic

Decoration Description:

Side A: Athena stands at the left witnessing the fight. She wears a helmet (with added purple around the crest), necklace, earrings and bracelets, and is clad in an elaborately patterned chiton and himation, the latter being draped around the aegis. A ferocious snake is knotted around her shoulders and she holds a spear in one hand and a flower (with added purple) in the other. The left warrior wears a double-crested snake helmet (outlined in added purple) and patterned chitoniskos. His greaves, thigh protectors, and cuirass are decorated with volutes. A sword with raptor finial is slung around him on an added purple baldric. He holds out a shield edged in added purple and attacks with a spear. The right warrior wears a patterned chitoniskos, greaves, a helmet with a dog at the base of the crest, a sword on a baldric, carries a round shield with a scorpion device, and also attacks with a spear. Behind him, Hermes strides to the left holding out his caduceus (with added purple), wearing a patterned chlamys fastened with a pin, and a cap. The figures' helmets project into the ornament band above.

Side B: A kitharode plays standing on a two-tiered platform. The plektron is on an added purple cord and the instrument has added purple details. The player wears an added purple wreath and a patterned chiton. The left-hand listener is enveloped in a patterned and bordered himation pulled up over the head, and holds a flower while leaning on a staff. The right-hand one wears an added purple wreath and has a sideburn done in dilute glaze. He is draped in a patterned himation, smells a hand-held flower with added red, and holds a spear.

The ornament consists of double bands of ivy on the reserve handles with a reserve strip with meander at their base on the sides (B. Cohen 1978, 145); this is unusual compared with the normal palmettes. Double bands of black palmettes are above the picture panels and the side borders are palmettes alternating with buds on A, and an unusual three-knot net pattern on B (B. Cohen 1978, 145). Rays are at the base of the vessel above the foot.

Shape Description: Type A amphora; its lid, Louvre S 1263, belongs (Bothmer).

Inscriptions: On the foot, incised, *A*N*D*O*K*I*D*E*S *E*P*O*E*S*E*N, Andokides made this.

Collection History: Formerly in the collection of the Prince of Canino.

Sources Used: CVA, France 8, Louvre 5, p. 17, pl. 25-26; B. Cohen 1978, 145-146