Main panel: reveler and attendant

Collection: Malibu, The J. Paul Getty Museum
Summary: Drunken singing reveler and young attendant.
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Date: ca. 470 BC

H. 23 cm., d. of belly 18.6 cm., d. of foot 12.3 cm.

Shape: Oinochoe
Beazley Number: 10147
Period: Early Classical


Parts of the youth's legs and feet, parts the left thigh of the man, and parts of the jar held by the youth are restored in plaster.

Decoration Description:

The vase is glazed inside and out. The unframed picture is defined by an upper and lower border. The lower border is a meander band interrupted every two meanders by a different shape. From left, the first two meanders face right, followed by a checkerboard, followed by two left meanders, a checkerboard, two right meanders, a checkerboard, two left meanders, and a cross square. The upper border is a series of tear drops framed by a snaking relief line. Where the handle root joins the body, a heart-shaped circumscribed palmette appears with seven hanging petals and a center black dot.

In the main scene, a naked, bearded reveler with a broad dotted fillet and wreath stands in right profile. A mantle is slung over his left shoulder and upper arms. With both arms outspread and mouth open, the man relieves himself in a chamber pot provided by a youth who stands facing him. The boy holds his master's knotty stick over his left shoulder, as well as a picnic basket tied closed with an embroidered napkin and string. In his right hand he holds the large jug ready for its task. Relief contours are used throughout the depiction.

Shape Description:

The vessel has a bulbous body rising in a continuous curve from a low foot to the steep neck. The trefoil mouth is flat on top, while the slight slope of the spout facilitates pouring. The handle is triangular in section.

Sources Used:

Elfriede R. Knauer, "ou gar hn amis. A Chous by the Oionokles Painter, Greek Vases in the J. Paul Getty Museum 3 (1986): 91-100.