Tondo: Tecmessa and dead Ajax

Side B: casting votes

Side B: Ajax

Side A: dispute of Odysseus and Ajax

Collection: Malibu, The J. Paul Getty Museum
Summary: Tecmessa and dead Ajax; dispute for the arms of Achilles
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Brygos Painter
Date: ca. 490 BC

D. 0.316 m.

Shape: Kylix
Beazley Number: 275946
Period: Late Archaic

Decoration Description:

Tondo: Tecmessa covers body of Ajax. Ajax lies on his back, with the sword running through his body, hilt at the back. Ground is rendered with dilute washes and tiny dots to indicate sandy, pebbly beach. Tecmessa, with a fillet in her hair, rushes in with a shroud, decorated on the edges, to cover the body. Tecmessa's himation and the shroud are decorated with widely spaced groups of dots. Scabbard hangs in field. Ajax' feet protrude beyond meander border of tondo.

Side A: Argument between Odysseus and Ajax over the possession of the arms of Achilles. At center, Agamemnon stands between Ajax and Odysseus who pull away from one another forming a V-shaped composition. Other figures restrain the contestants.

Side B: the casting of votes to award the arms. At center, platform with uneven piles of stones from casting of the votes. There are fifteen votes for Odysseus who probably stands at left with Athena. There are fourteen votes for Ajax, who stands isolated to the far right behind a tree with his hand on his head.

Shape Description:

Cup Type B.


Meaningless inscription.


Etruscan graffito under the foot.

Collection History:

From the collection of Molly and Walter Bareiss.

Sources Used:

Bareiss Collection 1983, no. 30, 44-45.