Handle: right of side B

Side A: scene at center

Side A: Hermes

Side A: Apollo

Side A: Leto

Side B: scene at center

Collection: Malibu, The J. Paul Getty Museum
Summary: Side A: Hermes, Apollo, Artemis, LetoSide B: Two pairs of draped youths conversing
Ware: Lucanian Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the PKP Group, probably the Palermo Painter
Date: ca. 400 BC

H. to top of volutes 56.0 cm., h. to lip 48.2 cm., d. of mouth 33.2 cm., d. of body 34.0 cm., d. of foot 18.3 cm.

Shape: Volute krater
Period: Classical

Decoration Description:

The top of the lip is reserved. On it is an egg-and-dot pattern, and under the lip are enclosed upright palmettes. A black relief border runs between narrow reserved lines with pink wash. On the neck, side A shows a laurel wreath to the right, with pointed leaves and added red stems. On side B is a veined laurel wreath with berries on the right, also with pointed leaves. The berries and leaf stems are painted pink. Both wreaths appear between narrow reserved lines, the lower one inset. On the shoulder are tongues between reserved lines. Below the scenes on the body is a meander band, groups of two, three, and four interrupted by crossed squares with a black dot in each corner. The edge of the foot is reserved, with a narrow black line, and the underside is reserved. The volutes have a central vent hole. On the flange are black ivy leaves on both sides of a wavy stem. Under each handle are enclosed palmettes, superposed tip to tip, surrounded by spirals, two horizontal palmette fans and side scrolls. Under the root of each handle is a small enclosed hanging palmette.

On side A Apollo and Artemis are flanked by Hermes and Leto. On the left, Hermes is naked except for a chlamys over his right shoulder. He is holding a kerykeion in his right hand and he leans, with crossed left leg over right, against a pillar inscribed with a form of his name. Apollo stands next to Hermes on the right, with his body in profile to the right. He is wearing a laurel wreath and balancing a kithara against his left arm. In his right hand is a phiale. Hanging from the kithara is a zigzag-patterned apron, with extra strings down the side. Apollo is wearing a pleated chiton over another garment with a zigzag design on its sleeve. On top, he has a bordered mantle fastened at the shoulder with a black brooch. On his feet are high laced sandals. Behind him, a spotted fawn looks at him as it steps to the right. Artemis is standing next to Apollo, her body almost frontal, with her head turned to the left toward her brother. She is wearing a headband and short chiton whose lower edge bears a line of horizontal black strokes. On top she wears a sleeveless garment with black borders and a belt with two black studs. She holds a wreath in her upraised right hand and two spears in her left. Leto, standing on the far right, wears a belted peplos with a double stripe down the front and a himation. Her body is in left profile, and she holds a lotus-tipped staff in her left hand. She also has a necklace of black beads and a radiate crown decorated with meander bands and a Z-pattern. She holds a piece of her mantle in her right hand; it makes a veil over the back of her head and falls over her left shoulder and down her back.

On side B are two pairs of draped youths. The himatia of the first, second and fourth youths leave their right arms exposed, while that of the third youth is pulled up partly over his head and right arm, producing a slinglike effect. The first and fourth hold strigils in their right hands, while the second holds a knobby staff. The third holds a staff in his exposed left hand.

Shape Description:

The broad mouth has an overhanging lip. There is a relief band at the mouth-neck join. The neck is slightly concave with an offset upper part. The body is ovoid. The high volute handles are flanged in section and attached below to vertical loop handles. The foot has three degrees, with reserved grooves on either side of a relief band at the body join.


Inscribed on the pillar behind Hermes is [epig-rough]*E*R*M*H*N*O*S.

Collection History:

Ex-European art market.

Sources Used:

CVA, USA fasc. 27, Malibu fasc. 4, pp. 27-28.

Other Bibliography:

"Acquisitions/1985," Getty Museum Journal 14 (1986), p. 193, no. 60 (ill.); Trendall 1989, p. 21, ill. 20.