Context: Miletus
Type: Temple
Summary: Small archaic temple, oriented to the south, located on the Kalabaktepe, north of the theater.
Date: ca. 525 BC

6.84 m. wide x 8.68 m. long. Width of preserved walls ca. 0.65 m. Width of cella 5.50 m. Depth of pronaos 1.95 m. Height of sima 0.23 m.

Region: Ionia
Period: Archaic

Architectural Order:



The temple is distyle in antis.

Date Description:

The temple is dated to sometime in the second half of the sixth century B.C. on the basis of the style of the terracotta ornament.


The temple dates to the archaic period, to the late 6th century B.C., and did not undergo later restorations.

Other Notes:

The terracotta simas of the pediment have an ovolo profile, painted alternately red and black with white darts; above the ovolo is a painted chevron and meander design, and below the ovolo is a painted astragal painted red and white with rectangular beads. The terracotta antefixes are molded with Medusa heads, lion's heads and lotus flowers in relief above a guilloche design.

Other Bibliography:

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