Overview: handle rear

Main panel: boy

Main panel: dog

Overview: handle left

Collection: University Museums, University of Mississippi
Summary: A boy and a dog.
Ware: Attic Black Figure, Six's Technique
Context: From Greece
Date: ca 450 BC - ca. 400 BC

H. 0.066 m.; D 0.045 m.

Shape: Miniature chous
Beazley Number: 13435
Region: Greece
Period: Classical


The paint is worn.

Decoration Description:

The vase is painted black, with the decoration in opaque white paint and the hair and inner details of the drawing in gilt. A child is shown crawling on his hands and knees to a little dog, on the right.

This type of vase was a present to a child for the Festival of the Anthesteria; they were also buried with children who had not lived long enough to attend the festival, in the same way that unmarried girls were buried with bridal vases.

Collection History:

Gift of Helen Tudor Robinson, 1959. Formerly in the D.M. Robinson collection, Harvard inv. no. 225.

Sources Used:

CVA, The Robinson Collection 3, USA 7, 21, pl. 12. 5