Side A: Dionysos, lower half

Side A: oblique from right

Side A: satyr on left

Side B: hanging skin

Side B: two satyrs and maenad

Side A: head of Dionysos

Collection: University Museums, University of Mississippi
Summary: Side A: Dionysos, satyr and 2 maenads. Side B: 2 satyrs and maenad. Tondo: maenad with thyrsos.
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to Makron
Potter: Signed by Hieron Hieron
Context: From Capua
Date: ca. 490 BC - ca. 480 BC

H. 0.116 m.; D rim 0.29 - 0.295 m.; W with handles 0.380 m.; D foot 0.107 m.

Primary Citation: ARV2, 462 no. 42; Beazley Addenda 2, 244
Shape: Kylix
Beazley Number: 204724
Region: Campania
Period: Late Archaic


Broken and mended, restored in 1981 at the Fogg Art Museum Conservation Laboratory.

Decoration Description:

The high, slender stem flares into a thin base. The base is in two stages with a reserved groove at their juncture. The bottom of the groove was filled with white. The bottom and outer edge of the base are reserved, except for a single broad band of black glaze around the opening into the hollow stem on the underside. Incised on the handle is the signature of the potter [epig-rough]*I*E*R*O*N *E*P*O*I*E*S*E*N ("Hieron made [me]").

Int.: A maenad is shown dancing. The tondo is framed by a band of meander pattern. The maenad wears a long chiton with a deep kolpos, a purple ivy wreath, and sandals. She dances to the right, holding a thyrsos in her left hand and in her right, a snake which curls around her arm.

Side A: In the center of the composition is Dionysos, wearing a long chiton with a bordered chlamys over his shoulders, and a wreath. He walks to the right but looks back to the left. In his right hand he holds a drinking horn, and in his left the stem of a vine branch. Most of the field around his head is restored. To his left is a nude bearded satyr playing double flutes, and a maenad dressed in a long chiton and kolpos. She is running to the left, but looks back at the center. She holds castanets in her raised hands. Both she and the satyr wear wreaths. To the right of Dionysos is a maenad walking to the left. She carries a thyrsos in her right hand, and has a panther skin draped over her left arm.

Side B: This side is missing in great part. There were three figures; the central one, of which the feet, lower part of chiton, and panther skin remain, was probably Dionysos. At the left is a satyr striding or dancing to the right. He held a drinking horn in his left hand, and had an ivy wreath in his hair. On the right of the central figure is another satyr. He carries a wine skin slung over his left shoulder.


Incised on the handle is the signature of the potter [epig-rough]*I*E*R*O*N *E*P*O*I*E*S*E*N ("Hieron made [me]"). The signature has been doubted.

Collection History:

Gift of Helen Tudor Robinson, 1960. Formerly in the Collection of Edward P. Warren at Lewes, then the D.M. Robinson collection, inv. no. 217.

Sources Used:

CVA, Robinson Collection 3, USA 7, 15, pl. 4; LIMC, III, pl. 353, Dionysos 469