Main panel: head of woman

Main panel: Doric column

Main panel: torch

Overview: handle rear

Main panel: woman with torch, lower half

Main panel: woman with torch, upper half

Collection: University Museums, University of Mississippi
Summary: Woman with torch.
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Possibly by the school of the Achilles Painter
Context: From Attica
Date: ca. 440 BC - ca. 430 BC

H. 0.268 m.; D 0.82 m.

Shape: Lekythos
Beazley Number: 13446
Region: Attica
Period: Classical


Good condition, chip on base.

Decoration Description:

The foot of the vase is slightly lipped, and there is no base fillet. The side of the foot is reserved. On the shoulder are five sprawling black palmettes on reserved ground. Above the main scene is a continuous meander pattern between narrow black stripes; below is a narrow reserved band.

In the main scene a woman walks to the left carrying, in her outstretched right hand, a torch. She wears a long-sleeved chiton and a himation draped over her left shoulder and arm. Her hair is done up in a knot in the back. At the right is a column. Most of the lines are indicated in black paint, except the folds of the chiton, the borders of the himation, and the horizontal lines on the torch, which are in dilute brown paint.

Collection History:

Bequest of Helen Tudor Robinson, 1960. Formerly in the D.M. Robinson collection, Harvard inv. 218.

Sources Used:

CVA, The Robinson Collection 2, USA 6, 29, pl. 38.2