Front: overview


Left side: overview

Youth, detail of head and shoulders

Man, detail

Man, detail of upper body

Collection: University Museums, University of Mississippi
Summary: Two men with staffs - komos?
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Painter of Boston Oinochoe
Context: From Vari
Date: ca. 430 BC - ca. 420 BC

H. 0.233 m.; D 0.188 m.

Shape: Chous
Beazley Number: 13456
Region: Attica
Period: Classical


Broken and mended.

Decoration Description:

The scene is framed above by a leaf-and-dart pattern, and below by an band of egg-and-dart. At the sides are plain reserved bands.

In the figural scene, a bearded reveller stands at the left in profile to the right. He is leaning back as if tipsy, holding his staff with his left hand. He has a wreath in his hair, and a mantle draped loosely around his shoulders. At the right, either walking away from or leading the older man, is a nude youth. He stands frontally, looking back at the man. He wears a wreath in his hair, and carries a torch in his right hand and a jug in his left. Strapped to his back is a box or basket.

Near the handle there might be an inscription: *E*U ("good luck").


Near the handle there might be an inscription: *E*U ("good luck").

Collection History:

Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Heddle, 1960. Formerly in the D.M. Robinson collection, Harvard inv. 220.

Sources Used:

CVA, The Robinson Collection 3, USA 7, 17-19, pl. x