Side B: oblique from right

Side A: oblique from left

Side A: youth with lyre and skyphos, midsection

Handle: right of side B

Side B: satyr with wreathed amphora

Side B: oblique from left

Collection: University Museums, University of Mississippi
Summary: A: Youth with lyre and skyphos, walking left. B: Satyr with wreathed amphora.
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to Myson
Date: ca. 500 BC - ca. 490 BC

H. 0.207 m.; D. 0.208 m.

Primary Citation: ARV2, 238.7
Shape: Pelike
Period: Late Archaic


One handle is modern; other fragments are restored.

Decoration Description:

The vase has a torus foot with a reserved band around the top. There is a reserved band inside the mouth, with a narrow purple band below. The figural panels are framed above by a simple key pattern, and below by a plain reserved band. At the sides are vertical rows of checks. Two purple bands encircle the vase just below the scenes; and there is another around the neck at the level of the top of the handles. There is graffiti on the base*O*S and *D*I.

Side A: A youth is shown walking to the left, and looking back to the right. He is nude except for a mantle around his shoulders, and a purple fillet. His right arm is bent at the elbow, and he holds a black skyphos near his chest. The other arm is extended, and he holds a lyre in this hand, braced against his body.

Side B: A bald, ithyphallic satyr with a beard and moustache stands to the right. His shoulders are in frontal view, his knees are bent with the left leg extended and the right back. His right arm is bent at the elbow and raised over his shoulder; he holds a small black oinochoe in this hand. His left arm is outstretched, and he balances a vine-wreathed amphora on his left knee.


There is graffiti on the base*O*S and *D*I.

Collection History:

Purchased in Western Europe, but said to come from Athens. Formerly in the D.M. Robinson Collection.

Sources Used:

CVA, Robinson Collection 2, USA 6, 23, pl. 24.2, 26