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Overview: side B

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Side A: scene at center, gigantomachy

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Handle: right of side B, warriors

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Side A: scene at right, group of fighters

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Overview: side A

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Side B: scene at left, Poseidon spearing opponent

Collection: Munich, Antikensammlungen
Summary: Side A: Gigantomachy. Side B: Gigantomachy.
Ware: Attic Black Figure
Context: From Vulci
Date: ca. 540 BC

H. 0.47 m., diameter of rim ca. 0.16 m.

Primary Citation: CVA, Munich MAK 7, p. 42-45, pl. 339.
Shape: Amphora
Beazley Number: 745
Region: Etruria
Period: Archaic

Decoration Description:

Side A: A divine warrior is driven into battle in a quadriga with a goddess as charioteer. He places one foot into the chariot and thrusts his lance against an opponent already lying on the ground. The divine couple can be identified as Zeus and Hera, or Ares and Aphrodite. Gerhard also suggests Iris as a possibility. The goddess wears a partially red painted peplos, the god a short chiton with dotted decoration along the seams. The fallen titan wears a red crested helmet. In the center behind the group stands Athena in fighting position; she protectively holds her round shield in front of her and raises her spear against a fallen giant wearing a Corinthian helmet and greaves. The chariot is met by a giant carrying a spear pointing down and a Boeotian shield marked with a triskeles circled in red. He is equipped with red greaves, a chiton with grid pattern, a harness with dotted decoration, and a Corinthian helmet. Set off behind him is the next group of fighters. A god holding his spear in a horizontal position attacks a giant already fallen to the ground. He is trying to protect himself with his round shield against the oncoming blow while defending himself with a rock. Also to this group belongs another giant, who is slightly hidden behind the handle. He raises his spear to a horizontal position, ready to attack.

Side B: The central figure of the scene is a goddess, probably Athena, striding to the right. She is wearing a crested Attic helmet and holds her spear horizontally in pursuit of a fleeing giant, who is looking back at her. He wears greaves, a short chiton with dotted decoration, and a harness with incisions indicating the backward twist of his upper body. Behind the group Poseidon has speared his opponent and threatens to smash him with a huge rock (the island Nisyros). Red marks indicate the irregularities on the rock. The pair of fighters to the right of the group is hardly preserved. The god is depicted in attack position with raised spear and protective round shield. He is wearing greaves, a short, partially red chiton with white dotted decoration along the seam, and a red helmet. Only a part of his opponent's round shield and his turned left foot remains. The following group surrounds the handle. To the left, a divine warrior pushes against his fallen opponent who tries to protect himself with his white, round shield.

Collection History:

Formerly Collection Candelori.

Sources Used:

CVA, Munich, MAK 7. 32, p. 42-45, pls. 339,1-2 and 340, 1-2.

Other Bibliography:

Gerhard 1840-1858, p. 26, note 23 i.