Pelike attributed to the Kadmos Painter: Overview drawing of the vase, 3/4...

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Side A: heads of horses

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Side A: Athena and Herakles in quadriga

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Side A: scene at center

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Side A: extinguishing the flames

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Side B: scene at center

Collection: Munich, Antikensammlungen
Summary: Side A: Herakles on Oita (the pyre, with satyrs; and Herakles driving to Olympus)Side B: satyrs and maenads
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Kadmos Painter
Date: ca. 410 BC

H. 0.43 m.

Primary Citation: ARV2, 1186, 30
Shape: Pelike
Beazley Number: 215719
Period: Classical


Many of the breaks and small pieces are painted over.

Decoration Description:

Under the scenes runs an interrupted checkerboard-and-key meander pattern. Above side A is a bordered palmette-lotus band, while above side B is a bordered band of right-tilted palmettes and tendrils.

On side A, Athena, as charioteer, conducts the wreathed Herakles to Olympia. Athena is wearing a chiton, an aegis with a checkerboard pattern, and a helmet, and she is holding a spear in her left hand while she holds the reins in her right. Herakles is naked except for the cloak draped over his left arm, and he holds his club in his left hand. The quadriga races to the right. A tree is growing behind the horse team, and the terrain is depicted by added white rising and dipping arcs near the horses' feet. Below is the flaming funeral pyre where Herakles's breast armor lies. On the right, two nymphs in chitons hurry up carrying hydriae, to put out the flames. To the left, two naked bearded silens with wreaths are shown, the nearer one carrying a club in his right hand and running to the fire to look into it, the other with a spear in his right hand running away.

On side B, a naked, bearded silen stands in the center left, holding a thyrsos, his body frontal, his head turned left to look at a seated woman on the far left. She is facing the silen and wearing chiton, mantle, and cap, and she holds an ivy branch in her hand. On the far right, a naked, bearded, infibulated silen prances with outstretched right arm before a draped woman standing in the center right. She wears a chiton and mantle pulled up like a veil over the back of her head. Except for this woman, the figures stand on white ground lines. Outlines are traced, but no relief is used.

Shape Description:

The handles are triple. The edge of the foot is profiled.

Material Description:

The exterior layer of the clay is spotted light and dark reddish brown.


Next to Athena's head on side A is the inscription *A*Q*H*N*A*A, and underneath is Herakles's name, [epig-rough]*H*R*A*K*L*H*S. Above the lefthand female is the name *A*R*E*Q*O*S*A (Arethosa), and above the righthand female is *P*R*E*M*N*O*S*I*A (Premnosia). To the right of the righthand silen is written *S*K*O*P*A, and to the right of the lefthand silen is *U*B*R*I*S.

Sources Used:

CVA, Deutschland