Krater by the Hector Painter, depicting a sacrifice: drawing of side A, sh...

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Side A: Nike watering bull at tripod

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Overview: side A

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Side B: bearded man and two women

Side A: drawing (small)

Side A: drawing (large)

Collection: Munich, Antikensammlungen
Summary: Side A: Nike watering bull at tripod. Side B: bearded man and women
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Hector Painter
Context: From Vulci
Date: ca. 440 BC - ca. 430 BC

H. 0.44 m., Max. D. 0.24 m.

Primary Citation: ARV2, 1036, 5
Shape: Stamnos
Beazley Number: 213476
Region: Etruria
Period: Classical

Decoration Description:

Side A: Nike watering a bull in front of a tripod. At left, a winged Nike, wearing a peplos with patterned border and a fillet around her head, pours water from a hydria into a basin on a low tripod. A bull bends to drink from the basin, his horns decorated for sacrifice with a taenia. To right a female figure, wearing a peplos and fillet, holds a long white fillet, which she is winding or unwinding from a tall, elaborately decorated tripod that stands behind the bull. The right-hand figure may be an unwinged Nike or represent one of the tribes who won a tripod as a prize in the Greater Dionysia.

Side B: a bearded man wearing a mantle and holding a staff or sceptre, between two female figures wearing sleeved chitons and mantles. The women hold their hands up towards the man in greeting. The left-hand woman wears four white flowers in her hair, the right-hand wears a sakkos.


Side A: between winged Nike and tripod, *K*A*L*O*S, *K*A*L*E, over the neck of the bull, *K*A*L*O*S, over the hindquarters of the bull, *K*A*L*E ("[she is] beautiful", "[he is] beautiful", "[she is] beautiful"). Side B: to the right of the man, *K*A*L*O*S ("[he is] beautiful").

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