Hinge cuttings in SW portal, from SE, Mycenae, Lion Gate

Entrance from inside, Mycenae, Lion Gate

Sockets in NE portal for securing door, from SW, Mycenae, Lion Gate

Sockets in SW door portal for securing door, from NE, Mycenae, Lion Gate

Block with cuttings found inside and W of Lion Gate, Mycenae, Lion Gate

Cut blocks just inside W side of gate, Mycenae, Lion Gate

Context: Mycenae
Type: Gate
Summary: The Lion Gate is main entrance to citadel of Mycenae, located in NW wall of the fortress.
Date: 1250 BC - 1200 BC

Gateway: 3.10 m. high and 2.95 m. wide at base. Lintel: 4.50 m long, 1.98 m. wide and 0.80 m. thick at center.

Region: Argolid
Period: Late Bronze Age


A gateway for double wooden doors set into the thick fortification walls. Approach to the gate is up a ramp and through an enceinte or confining passage. A second passage and guardroom are located inside the gate. From here the ramp-road circled through the lower citadel up to the palace.


The monumental gateway was erected when the citadel walls were enlarged and strengthened ca. 1250 BC.

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