Front of stoa from N, Olympia, Echo Hall (Painted Stoa)

Plan, Olympia, Echo Hall (Painted Stoa)

Remains, from N, Olympia, Echo Hall (Painted Stoa)

Ionic Capital, from W, Olympia, Echo Hall (Painted Stoa)

Context: Olympia
Type: Stoa
Summary: Stoa; on the east side of the Sanctuary of Zeus (Altis), forming an eastern boundary to the central sanctuary.
Date: ca. 350 BC

97.3 m x 11.5 m; outer Doric column diameter: ca. 0.95 m; intercolumniation: 2.15 m; after a major repair, smaller columns, diameter: 0.75 m; intercolumniation: ca. 2.07 m.

Region: Elis
Period: Late Classical


Outer colonnade, possibly Corinthian, opening west, and an inner Ionic colonnade.


Called the Echo Hall in antiquity because supposedly an echo would repeat in it 7 times. The name Painted Stoa (Stoa Poikile) refers to its decoration. Possibly constructed by Philip of Macedon, the building's history is very confused, and it underwent a number of changes, including the construction of a rear hall parallel to it and attachment to the tunnel leading to the stadium. In front of the Echo Hall were numerous dedications.

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