Doric frieze of entablature reconstructed at stylobate level, Olympia, Sou...

Colonnade from E, Olympia, South Stoa

Detail of Corinthian capital, Olympia, South Stoa

Plan, Olympia, South Stoa

Context: Olympia
Type: Stoa
Summary: T-shaped stoa; the southern boundary of the Sanctuary of Zeus (Altis).
Date: ca. 350 BC

80.56 m x14.06 m; projection of colonnaded extension 6.9 m; width of colonnaded extension: 14.06 m; outer column diameter: 1.04 m, intercolumniation: 2.4 m; inner column diameter: 0.7 m, intercolumniation: 4.31 m.

Region: Elis
Period: Late Classical


Two-aisled stoa with outer Doric colonnade opening south, and an inner Corinthian colonnade. A wall on north side with openings onto the sanctuary at either end. On the south, a hexastyle colonnaded extension.


Also known as the Proedria. Between the South Stoa and the Leonidaion lay the agora. At the time of the Herulian invasions, 267 A.D., a wall incorporated the Temple of Zeus and the South Stoa. The wall is not pictured here but shown on the site maps of Olympia.

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