Plan, Olympia, Southeast Building

Context: Olympia
Type: Stoa
Summary: Stoa-like building; on the southeast corner of the Sanctuary of Zeus (Altis), directly south of and next to the Echo Hall.
Date: ca. 375 BC - 350 BC

36.42 m x 14.56 m; portico: north 3.64 m deep, south 3.87 m deep, west 7.16 m deep; Doric outer colonnade diameter: ca. 0.8 m; intercolumniation: 1.99 m.

Region: Elis
Period: Late Classical


Rectangular building with Doric outer colonnade on 3 sides, 8 x 19 columns, opening west. Four approximately square rooms on east wall.


Sometimes referred to as the Hellanodikeon. A rectangular area on its east may have been sacred to Hestia. Over the possible Hestia precinct were built several Hellenistic structures of uncertain use. These buildings were destroyed and pieces incorporated into the 1st century B.C. House of Nero. Later the entire area was again built over to create the complex of the East Baths.

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