Bema from SW opening of Byzantine Church, Olympia, Workshop of Pheidias

View of Classical S wall, and Byzantine marble fragment, Olympia, Workshop...

Detail of Byzantine architectural ornament from later church, Olympia, Wor...

Interior of church from W, Olympia, Workshop of Pheidias

Byzantine basilica built over the ruins from E, Olympia, Workshop of Pheid...

East entrance to Byzantine church from SW, Olympia, Workshop of Pheidias

Context: Olympia
Type: Workshop
Summary: Rectangular building; outside the Sanctuary of Zeus (Altis), west of the Temple of Zeus, at the southeast corner of the Theokoleon.
Date: ca. 430 BC

14.57 m x 32.18 m.

Region: Elis
Period: Classical


Two-roomed, two-storied rectangular building opening east. Western room had superimposed interior columns or piers supporting a gallery. Water channel and basins around building.


Excavation finds of tools, molds and a cup inscribed "Pheidias" confirmed the identification of this building. The floor plan resembles that of the cella of the Temple of Zeus and the building is where Pheidias constructed the famous cult statue of Zeus. South of the workshop are a number of narrow buildings, perhaps housing for craftsmen. Workshop was later incorporated into a Byzantine church.

Other Bibliography:

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