Fragments of Doric colonnade looking from NW toward SE near the SE corner ...

South wing from SW, Olympia, Bouleuterion

Southern apsidal building from W (toward E, notice Doric colonnade seen in...

Plan, Olympia, Bouleuterion

Section of entablature reconstructed at ground level on N side of S apsida...

Context: Olympia
Type: Bouleuterion
Summary: Building with apsidal wings and a stoa; on south side of the Sanctuary of Zeus (Altis), south the Temple of Zeus.
Date: ca. 580 BC

Middle building: 14.24 x 14.23 m;

North wing: 30.79 x 13.76 m; Doric outer and (likely) inner column intercolumniation: ca. 2.7 m;

South wing: 30.53 m x 13.13 m; Doric outer column diameter: 1.04 m; intercolumniation: 2.98 m; Doric inner column diameter: 0.7 m; intercolumniation: 2.69 m - 2.70 m.

Region: Elis
Period: Archaic


Four-part building. Square central building, with apsidal north and south wings and a colonnade joining the 3 parts. The 2 wings were approximately equal in plan and size, both having an east entrance through 3 Doric columns in antis, into a two-aisled hall of 7 columns, divided by a cross wall from 2 rooms within the apsidal ends. The southern wing had a screen closing its entrance. Between the wings was a square building, possibly with a roof supported by a large, central pillar. The 3 buildings were linked by an Ionic colonnade of 27 x 3 columns opening on the east.


The building was built in sections. The north wing is dated to the early 6th century B.C., and the south wing rebuilt, possibly on older foundations, in the early 5th century. The Ionic stoa is dated after the earthquake of 374 B.C. The square room is perhaps contemporary. The stone in the center of the square room may have been for a statue or altar, but not a roof support.

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