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East pediment: Figure G ('Artemis', 'Eileithyia', or ...

Collection: London, British Museum
Title: Parthenon, East Pediment, fig. G
Context: From Athens, Acropolis
Findspot: Found at Athens, Acropolis
Summary: 'Artemis'? from Birth of Athena
Sculptor: Literary attestation to Pheidias
Material: Marble
Sculpture Type: Architectural
Category: Statuary group
Placement: East pediment
Style: High Classical
Original or Copy: Original
Date: 447 BC - 432 BC

H 1.73 m

Scale: Over life-size
Region: Attica
Period: High Classical
In Group: Parthenon East Pediment

Subject Description:

East pediment (Birth of Athena): Female running to left towards Figures E and F (probably Demeter and Kore). Her peplos skirt blows back in deep, arcing folds which complement the lines of her widely striding legs. Her rapid movement also causes her cloak to billow out behind her. Variously identified as Artemis, Eileithyia (goddess of childbirth) or simply a running messenger.

Condition: Single fragment

Condition Description:

Draped female figure missing right forearm, left arm, and part of billowing cloak. Surface is chipped and abraded.

Material Description:

Pentelic Marble

Associated Building: Athens, Parthenon

Sources Used:

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