Plan, Perachora, Stoa near the Harbor

Context: Perachora
Type: Stoa
Summary: L-shaped stoa; northeast of the harbor, just east of the Triglyph Altar of Hera Akraia in the Sanctuary of Hera.
Date: ca. 325 BC - 300 BC

North wing: 16.59 m x ca. 4.6 m; east wing: 16.57 m x ca. 4.9 m; lower column diameter: 0.62 m; intercolumniation: (north wing) 2.3 m, (east wing) 2.37 m; upper column diameter: ca. 0.33 m; height of facade: ca. 9 m.

Region: Corinthia
Period: Hellenistic


Two-storied, one-aisled stoa opening to the south and west. Doric, lower colonnade of 10 columns, and an Ionic upper colonnade of attached half columns.


The upper story of Ionic columns is the earliest known use of Ionic order over the Doric order in a stoa.

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