Plan, Perachora, Triglyph Altar of Hera Akraia

Context: Perachora
Type: Altar
Summary: Altar with a colonnade; in the harbor area, west of the L-shaped stoa near the harbor, and abutting the Geometric Temple of Hera Akraia.
Date: ca. 550 BC

Including columns: ca. 10 m x ca. 8 m; column height: ca. 3 m.

Region: Corinthia
Period: Archaic


Rectangular altar surrounded by 8 Ionic columns.


The altar is named for the triglyphs and metopes which decorated its sides. The Ionic columns possibly supported a canopy. The altar is contemporary with the 6th century B.C. Temple of Hera Akraia, but the colonnade was probably added ca. 400 B.C.

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