Plan (ca. 2nd c. AD), Perachora, West Court

Plan (ca. late 4th c. BC), Perachora, West Court

Plan (ca. 540 BC), Perachora, West Court

Plan (ca. 450 BC), Perachora, West Court

Context: Perachora
Type: Court
Summary: Open area with colonnade; on the west side of the harbor.
Date: ca. 540 BC

Depth of colonnade: ca. 3.5 m.

Region: Corinthia
Period: Archaic


Irregular shape enclosed by a wall opening east. A bench ran along the west, south and southeast sides, with pillars for roofing on the west and southern sides.


Ca. 540 B.C., the earliest wall cuttings probably defined the extent of the Sanctuary of Hera Akraia. The west wall and a wooden colonnade were added ca. 450 B.C. The ca. 450 B.C. West Court is described above in the Plan description. It was probably destroyed by Mummius in 146 B.C. In the 2nd century A.D. a Roman house was built on the same location.

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