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Collection: University Museum, University of Pennsylvania
Summary: Head of a young woman.
Ware: Attic Black Figure
Painter: Attributed to Class N: the Cook class
Date: ca. 500 BC - ca. 450 BC

H. with handle 0.225 m.

Primary Citation: ARV2, 1543.141; Para, 503
Shape: Plastic oinochoe
Period: Late Archaic/Early Classical


The vase is in very good condition. There are minor chips in the surface and some of the white paint has eroded.

Decoration Description:

Plastic head of a young woman. Her hair is glazed except for a fringe around her forehead and temples painted white and consisting of a quadruple row of tiny beading. An ivy garland is painted in added white over her hair. The woman's evenly arched eyebrows are painted black. Her eyes and irises are outlined in black and the whites of her eyes are painted white. Her pupils are reserved, as is the rest of her face.

Shape Description:

Plastic head of a young woman. The vessel neck and trefoil lip rise from the back of the woman's head. There is a high arched handle attached to the back.

Collection History:

The vase was given to the University Museum, Philadelphia, by Mrs. Dillwyn Parrish.

Other Bibliography:

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